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University Application

University Application

Taking admission to any university is not an easy task; it requires a lot of research and admission guidance. This task can be achieved if you have the right career counselor or career guidance. At Mission Abroad, the admission of study abroad aspirants are the result of highly specialized services provided to them.

Perks of studying Overseas:

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for a student’s career. The benefits to your education and career are remarkable. Currently, there are many students of Mission Abroad studying abroad and this benefits them in almost all stages in their professional life.

There are so many advantages of studying overseas like improving language skills, learning new cultures and values, enhancing your network and above all you see the world. It also helps a lot in building confidence. The most important benefit is that you can discover career opportunities. Mission Abroad provide the best admission guidance to achieve all these goals.

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Premium Counselling

Premium Counselling

When one talks about career counseling, many questions comes to mind. Should one looks for career guidance services? Would it help in making the right choices? Would it create avenues for the student or should we apply direct? Most importantly who should be consulted as there are many career counselors in India?

Who is a Career Counselor?

A career counselor is a professional trainer who helps people with their degree selection choices, admission guidance, career direction, and life decisions. Whether the person is about to choose a major in studies or switching a job, a counselor will guide them in the best possible direction.
Building trust and confidence in the student and parent is one of the counselor’s foremost responsibilities. Mission Abroad the top educational consultants in India engages highly trained and professional career guidance counselors who are trained in all aspects of admission.
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Admission and Visa Process

What is a Student Visa?

A student visa is a unique stamp put on the student’s passport ensuring entry of the applicant to the enrolled educational institution. Any student seeking higher education in other countries must obtain a permit, a visa. Students get visas from the embassy of the specific country they are applying to.

Most Common Required Documents:

You can start the visa application process after receiving the confirmation of your enrollment in the chosen university. There is a proper process to apply for a student visa to study abroad. The process and documents requirement may vary from country to country. But some standard documents are required while applying to any country. These documents involve past educational certifications, a bank statement, and a valid passport for at least six months. Mission Abroad is the best student visa Assistance Consultant in India providing complete student visa guidance ensuring a success rate of 90%.
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Refusal Cases Accepted

Visa Appeal

When the country you are applying for, refuses a student visa and the student appeals to the tribunal to reconsider, it is known as a visa rejection appeal. Mostly, visas are denied when students do not have proper guidance or do not have their documents in order. Mission Abroad Consultants are considered experts in making visa files which reduces the chances of refusal. Our visa assistance team is specifically trained and experts in dealing with applications.

Common Mistakes for Visa Rejection:

According to research, India is amongst the top 5 countries with a high refusal rate of student visas. More than 4 out of 10 study abroad visa applications are refused in India. The reason may be anything as small as a typo error or as big as an incomplete application or fraudulent documentation.
Students make common mistakes while applying for a study visa. Being unaware of all the requirements and procedure the student at times unconsciously omits an important document, misquotes or is unable to accumulate the documents in a self-explanatory manner. Mission Abroad Consultants have qualified counselors, who not only guide but also compile the visa file in accordance with the requirements that shows professionalism and is accepted with minimal rejection. There are no shortcuts to getting a visa; sometimes, students must ensure never to make fraudulent documents as the University crosschecks them. Consequently, the students must meet the university’s requirements, which could be a major reason for rejection.
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Study Abroad Content

Arranging Education Expos & Interview Sessions with University Representatives

Mission Abroad Consultants was established in 2003 with an aim to serve aspiring students and help them in fulfilling their dreams by placing them in the best universities in the courses that best match their skillset.

Mission Abroad provides a powerful platform for students to interact with local and foreign universities.

These educational expos and universities events are helpful to students in many ways. Some not all the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Students will get professional career counseling guidance from our experts.
  • Interact with representatives of different international universities from all over the world.
  • Students will be able to choose universities according to their academic qualifications and resources
  • They will be briefed about the general information regarding the admission process
  • They will be given individual guidance on how to appear in IELTS and how to write their personal statement when applying for admission.
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Onshore Admission

What is Onshore Admission?

When you are onshore student means you are already in abroad (espically in canada), and you have completed your first course in canada. You will need second course for your study permit extension. It is called Onshore Admission

Mission Abroad Consultant help their students for their second admissions as well.

Why onshore admission is required?

Many colleges and universities offers one year of courses so basically just beacuase It is one year of course you will get only one year of work permit.

According to canada immgiration, If you do two years of study in canada, you will get three years of work permit but unfortunely sometimes some colleges are offering only one year of courses. Thus onshore admission addmission is required for three years of work permit.

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Canadian Sim Card

Canadian Sim Card

If you are an international student (going to canada from india) , Got your visa appproved/Received PPR you can now get canadian (FIDO) company sim card with exclusive plan that is 40$ 10 GB data , Unlimited Canada wide call and international text. More to it , It has no Contract that is the additional benefit.  

Some step you should know.

◆ This plan is only for those students who have visa approved/Got PPR .

◆ If you already have sim card , You can still Activate that sim Card using my link. Just type “Yes” where you are asked “Do you have sim card” and then write down sim card number given below of Barcode sticker there.

◆ This plan wont be available after landing in canada means you land in canada and ask us for the same plan we cant give you the same plan , We can help you with the different plan .

◆ Those who are already in canada and using other network (Except of FIDO) , and wants to switch your network to FIDO , Means Looking To switch From Other network to FIDO ? Welcome , Contact us , we can get you BEST deals for FIDO.


◆ There is No delivery charge its free In All over INDIA. Means you can order your sim from any part of india and you will get delivery at your door step for free.


◆ If you dont have canadian address you can write the same adress given in your college’s offer letter. Use college address there.

◆ Once you complete the Registration successfully , You will receive an email from FIDO on the same email address you mentioned during registration . It will mention the plan details step wise.

◆ Once you get this email you need to wait upto 48 hours , FIDO team will call you for varification (For all details you provided) once the varification is done , Team will guide you about Activation of your sim Card. Your Sim will be Activated during your Boarding time , So you can seat back in flight , Relax yourself , And Enjoy Activated sim As soon as you land in canada.

Your Fido Link , Use the link Given below for Your FIDO sim Registration.

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